How to start film making / cinematography / direction

Hi guys! This is Javed Hussain from New Delhi, I would teach you today about how to start making a film as a director & how to start doing cinematography if you are completely new as a film director or cinematographer without any previous experience in film making & without any technical knowledge for same?

First of all I would like to give you some tips starting as a first time director:

You have a good story in your mind , actors in your contact & money in your hand to make a film but you are lacking a good technical knowledge of how to make or shoot a good film, generally it happens with all new directors, because you are not comfortable enough doing camera for this film, due to lack of technical knowledge. That’s one thing stopping you going ahead. So, in this case , I would suggest you the most simple thing, that you hire a good experienced &  dedicated cinematographer for your Ist movie. Simple. Trust me, if you are not technically sound, the cinematographer is the key person who will make your movie for you & help you to become a director.

He will help you to make a good film & to make you a director.After working with him, observing his work, learn from him & understand the nuances of the film shooting for  your first movie, you will become a director, now you can start making your film at your own or may work with any less experienced cinematographer also. That’s it.

Now we will talk about the 2nd way, you want to be a cinematographer first to make your film & your mind is cluttered with lots of information & you are confused how to just start?

In such case, I will guide you some simple tips how to start, with the help of my best actors with me. Now follow this simple process: You just need only a camera & few friends, nothing else like tripod, mono pod, slider, steady cam, jib etc, no, not all.

  1. Buy or arrange any D-SLR camera, I use canon but you can go with any D-SLR. Here we define D-SLR in three main categories: One: Amateur level- Canon 600d, 700d 1200d, 1300d etc. come in this category. 2nd one is ‘Enthusiast’ level- Canon 70d, 7d, 80d etc. come in this category & 3rd one – Professional level- Canon 1dx, 5D Mark -i, ii, iii, & iv & 6d etc. come in this category. You can start with Amateur level.
  2. Call some friends of yours for a picninc to help you make a movie, so you can ad a human touch in your first film.
  3. Go to a nearby park or jungle, it’s an easiest location to start shooting.

Now just press the recording button & feel great. You may follow my given formula to start & gain confidence to go for next level, it’s just like the video game stages, we complete the first one then go to finish the 2nd one. So you may simply follow this 02 phases shooting formula made by me:

Phase 1.

  1. Go to near a tree, focus your camera to sky & start recording, then slowly move from sky to bottom of the tree & stop recording.
  2. Focus any object horizontally on left & start moving from left to right & do the opposite also.
  3. Move clockwise & anti clock wise to any object in the park or nature.
  4. Move zoom in & zoom out or closer & farther.
  5. Go diagonal from left to right & then right to left.
  6. Go top to bottom & bottom to top.

Note: Your clips will shake as you do not have the tripod & any other accessories, but don’t worry for same, many video editing software can easily fix this problem.

That’s it. Congratulations! You have done the Basic practice round phase One.

Now start shooting for Phase Two:

Instruct actors to:

  1. Walk & shoot
  2. Running & shoot
  3. Standing & shoot
  4. From behind & shoot
  5. From front & shoot
  6. Debating & shoot
  7. Fighting & shoot
  8. Romantic moves & shoot
  9. Any other emotions you want to shoot.

Now apply your practice round Phase one’s angles to all these moves & finish your second round.

Now, I bet you that as a beginner you will feel more comfortable, capable & confident to shoot your story. Now go to your home, make yourself ready for your story & shoot.

Best wishes!

Javed Hussain.

(Founder, Photographer & Cinematographer)



How can one take beautiful portrait with D-SLR with minimum set up

I often hear this question with my friends & other people that they have bought a D-SLR camera & trying to take some good portrait from it but unable to achieve that result, so what to do?

Dear Friends, if I would answer it in just a single word, it would be – Lens!

Yes, taking good pictures depend on Lens, not on just the body of D-SLR. Clear? Yeah! But another question arise then, what if they have only the kit lens along with it? this case, I would suggest 2 options:

  1. Try to buy or borrow the evergreen basic but important lens: 50 mm, yes just a 50 mm & you done. Canon’s 50 mm 1.4 or 1.8 is recommended.
  2. Make efforts to take some great portrait or other pictures only with your available kit lens.

If you want me to explain & tell you about how to do it? means how to achieve good portrait with 50 mm & Kit lens, just drop your questions, I would love to answer it.

Thank you.

Javed Hussain

Founder & Photographer –

Beautiful winters in Delhi

I enjoy the winters too much, as this lovely season remains only for 2 months in New Delhi, India. I used to roam around with my old & new friends across the city, make fun plans, outing, some creative photo shoots, a lots of exercise & off course we enjoy lots of peanuts, hot coffee & some lazy rest in hot bed too. If we leave the cheap politics in India now a days everything is very creative, beautiful & calm. So enjoy the beautiful winter season in beautiful historical city Delhi.

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Chhole bhature
Chhole Bhature.
North Indian famous traditional food.